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"AGROMASZ" started its activity in 1991. Originally the plant operated in rented premises and provided repair of agricultural machinery and production of small items as part of cooperation with the nearby companies. Over time, the business profile was extended to include export production of liquid manure processing and management equipment for Danish company KIMADAN.

The expansion of business allowed us to develop the company by buying land and buildings and constructing new structures. This made it possible to create a large modern staff facilities and offices. After improvement of premises the company was able to create a design and sales office and the accounting department.

A gradual growth of business over 20 years also fostered an increase in employment: from a few workers employed in the initial period of activity to several dozen now. During over 20 years of operation the company has trained 42 young workers who completed their vocational training, earning the title of journeyman. Many of them have continued their employment at Zakład Metalowy "AGROMASZ".

In 2000 the company launched the production of front loaders for agricultural tractors, used for loading and unloading agricultural crops. The decision to start front loader production was a very good move. This has been proven by a dynamic growth in the number of manufactured front loaders over the years.

Front loaders are characterised by great usefulness. They use modern technical solutions, including hydraulic accumulators for vibration damping, self-levelling system,  electro-hydraulic control units, as well as quick hitch for hydraulic connections for fast disconnection of the machine from the tractor. An additional advantage of front loaders is the ability to integrate their installation with the tractor's hydraulic system, providing free hydraulic inputs at the rear of the tractor. The wide range of front loaders manufactured by the company, with carrying capacity of 800 to 1650 kg and lifting height of 3 to 4 m, includes the following types: Ł-104, Ł-106, Ł-106A, Ł-107 and Ł-108.

Products manufactured by Zakład Metalowy AGROMASZ in Mrągowo have been many times awarded by both users and experts in the field of agricultural machinery and quality specialists. Distinctions and awards include:

  • Golden Medal awarded at the 17th International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH 2011 in Kielce (March 2011);
  • Title of the Agricultural Machine of the Year 2012 awarded during the 18th International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH 2012 (March 2012);
  • Quality of the Year Award in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 in the Product category, also Quality of the Year special awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold;;
  • "MEDAL WINNING PRODUCT" (WYRÓB NA MEDAL) promotional emblem awarded during jubilee 20th International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH in Kielce by the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering in Poznań as a confirmation of high quality, versatility and reliability of operation (March 2014);
  • Mazovia Province Cup in the FAIR HIT 2014 Competition for a product with a wide range of applications and manufactured in Poland, awarded at the 15th Mazovian Agriculture Days in Poświętne (June 2014);
  • The "Best Product of Warmia and Masuria 2014" (Najlepszy Produkt Warmii i Mazur 2014) Award in the Industrial Product category awarded in the competition organised by the Marshal's Office of Warmia and Masuria Province for the highest quality, innovation, durability and product safety (November 2014);
  • A special title of "Innovative Product of European Standard" (Innowacyjny produkt o standardzie europejskim) awarded at AGRO-TECH International Agricultural and Industrial Fair in Minikowo (July 2015).

The company also offers a wide range of attachments for loading, unloading and transportation of manure, loose and root materials, silage, straw bales, pallets, and hydraulically lifted and lowered tractor-mounted front bulldozers or three-point hitches with mechanical or hydraulic blade angle control.

To promote its products, each year the plant participates in the most important agricultural trade fairs and exhibitions, including in Kielce, Bednary near Poznań, Szeptów, Poświętne, etc. To ensure the high quality of its products, Zakład Metalowy "AGROMASZ" puts great emphasis on the qualifications of its crew. All persons employed as welders have the European Welding Certificate.

In order to meet the expectations of customers, in 2007 the company introduced the Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008 and obtained the Certificate of a German company TUV Rheinland. With an extensive selection of front loaders and attachments, Zakład Metalowy "AGROMASZ" in Mrągowo have achieved a strong and stable position in the agricultural machinery market.