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Since 1991 Zakład Metalowy (Zakład Metalowy) Agromasz in Mrągowo has been manufacturing front loaders with a capacity of 200 - 1650 kg and a lifting height of 1.8 - 4 m for all types of agricultural tractors available on the Polish market, used for quick and convenient loading and unloading of agricultural crops and other handling operations in farms. The manufacturer also offers hydraulically lifted and lowered tractor-mounted front bulldozer with either mechanical or hydraulic blade angle control.

A wide dealer network allows you to buy front loaders manufactured by AGROMASZ in Mrągowo throughout Poland. Moreover, in the last few years, AGROMASZ has established cooperation with foreign customers, thanks to which front loaders from Mrągowo can be purchased outside of our country. They are exported, among others, to Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria and Romania, as well as to Scandinavian countries.

For 20 years the company has been working with partners in Denmark, for which it manufactures various agricultural machinery and equipment, such as tillage units, weeders, manure spreaders, cultivators; hoof trimming chutes, trailers, scooters, transport buckets, agricultural scrapers.

In recent years, the company has made numerous investments, including on the construction of a 500m2 warehouse and production area with a shot blast chamber and a whole process line for powder painting. Many modern machines have also been purchased, including JANTAR plasma cutter, Belgian LVD press and American Haas VF-3 machining centre and Hass ST-25 turning centre.  This step has allowed to significantly improve the quality of the manufactured products and increase the efficiency of production process.

In response to market expectations, the company is constantly upgrading its products by introducing new technology and design solutions, which have an impact on improving usability and performance.