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The AGRORECH Fair in Kielce is the largest exhibition of agricultural technology in Poland organized indoors.

What awaits farmers there are above all industry leaders and tons of farming equipment exhibited on over 63,000 square meters of exhibition space. Conferences, presentation, surprises prepared by companies and a formal gala during which award and medals are granted complement the whole event.

This year the Gold Medal of the TARGI KIELCE 2018 fair was awarded for Ł-110 front loader manufactured and submitted by Zakład Metalowy “AGROMASZ” from Mrągowo. It was appreciated for its innovative structural solutions, versatility and multifunctional applications. This is yet another Gold Medal awarded to a front loader from Mrągowo, as in 2011 the Ł-106 front loader was awarded this distinction.

The Ł-110 front loader was also awarded the “MEDAL WINNING PRODUCT” distinction by Industrial Institute of.

Agricultural Engineering in Poznań. This distinction is a confirmation of innovation, functional values and high level of product quality and safety.
The award-wining Ł-110 front loader is the latest and the most modern loader type manufactured by Zakład Metalowy AGROMASZ from Mrągowo. It is intended for cooperation with the largest tractors with power exceeding  140 kW thanks to which it achieves loading capacity of 2800 kg and lifting height of 4.74 m. Applications, among others, for membrane hydraulic accumulators, multi-couplers, electronic joystick or scale allowing for short-term and cumulative load measurement and modern design together with top-quality materials allow our machine to be used by the most demanding Customers searching for top-quality products.

Photo: Targi Kielce